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Games from the ancient era

When I first learned how to play Go I used to play with my deskmate at work. We had the board set up between us and would make a move or two a day, depending how busy we were and how tricky the position was. Very often the night cleaner would dust around and disturb the board, sometimes even taking all the stones off and giving them a polish, and replacing them in random arrangements.

After this happened once or twice, I started 'saving' the game with my mobile phone camera. This had the double benefit of protecting against over-zealous cleaners, and preserving at least a snapshot of the game for future interest. The matches themselves were not particularly historic, of course, as neither of us was stronger than 25 kyu. But it is at least amusing for me to look at.

Go teaches many things, including subtlety, balance, cunning, and humility. Looking at old games of mine also reminds me that I have made some progress, but I'm still a beginner. I've learned a lot, but mysteriously, I am still as terrible a Go player as I ever was. I'm still confused, to coin an phrase, but now I'm confused on a higher level, about more important things.



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