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I felt just sick about this game. I don't think I really made any major blunders, but almost every move was bad from beginning to end, and the result was complete demolition. I post it here to prevent myself getting too cocky in the future.


Please forgive me to be blunt

Please forgive me to be blunt but I think you've blundered already in the fuseki stage. The proverbs 'corner, shimari, side' and 'attack is the best defense' are so true. As you decided to go for ni-ren-sei while your opponent go for double komuku, this indicates your strategy is building up of moyo while your opponent's is securing side and corner territory. You should hence suppress your opponent's territory and not let him to protrude to the centre. But your playing exactly encourages him to play towards the centre, so he got moyo and territory while you're just defending. For instance, your 3rd move makes more sense if you play at the last star point in the upper side or kakari at R5 and when your opponent respond by playing N3 or N4, you could make a two space extension. However, you decided to enclose a corner (which is not even entirely secured as it takes 3 moves to secure a corner if you play at the star point). I'd say up to move 13 the game is already lost for you. I'm so sorry.

Plugin question

This plugin is great. What is it?

It's from

It's from

So, I've just stumbled over

So, I've just stumbled over this..
I'm sorry you couldn't enjoy our game, I did play a little strangely. The idea was, as far as I can recall, to build a strong base on just one part of the board, and see if I could make up by reducing and invading using an aggressive, lighter style of play. I know from (painful) experience how difficult it can be to deal with unexpected attacks, and stones that are just meant to be sacrificed. I feel, actually, the greatest trouble with invasions is that you (well, I) tend to become irritated by them; after all, that's supposed to be my territory! I've just lost another game where my position was clearly superior just because I ended up being too greedy and attempted to kill an invasion, in the end the fight spilled over the entire board and it didn't die. Had I simply allowed him to take a bit of the side and live small it would have been no trouble, and my position would have been even stronger outside.


Oh, well it's not that I

Oh, well it's not that I didn't enjoy it! I just hate losing. Of course, the medicine that tastes the nastiest, does you the most good. I think I learned a lot from this game. So thank you again for playing :)

Ah, I was hoping that would

Ah, I was hoping that would be the case ;) Maybe I was exaggerating/misunderstanding a bit - I just feel bad about playing a game dissatisfying to my opponent. Thanks for the game too :-)