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The curious incident of the seki in the daytime

Humorist Will Rogers said, "Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects." As Go players we all have our individual blind spots - mine seems to be seki. In the game above, I managed to miss both putting myself into seki, and then getting myself out of it. I am Black.

I enjoy playing my friend pablopicollo, because he's stronger enough than me to make me really raise my game, but not so strong that I can't see how he's beaten me. After some experimenting, I find that the fastest way for me to improve is to play people 1-2 stones stronger. I note with pleasure that since we played about a year ago, I have caught up to him by 3 stones!


DGS Nice progression

Hey, I just came to your blog.
I am quite impressed by your DGS rank progression. I am playing on IGS or Tygem but I don't think that's the reason. Did you take any lesson? Maybe you played very often?
Usually if a player plays only by itself the graphs looks more like some stairs, just because the player has just discovered a new aspect of the game. This is true until you reach about 15-13Jyuu, afterward especially if you read books your progression is a little bit more linear.
I also made a blog on go but on a different subjects I speak about professional games and give some book recommendations to get stronger at go.(