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A close game

I won yesterday's daily KGS game by 3.5 points. Today's was even closer: I squeaked a victory by 2.5 points!

I went through the game today and made a few annotations - both Black and White made several mistakes worth more than 2.5 points, so this was probably a classic case of "the winner is the one who makes the next to last blunder".


At move 197, Black can kill

At move 197, Black can kill White's top right group.

Re: At move 197, Black can kill

By golly, you're right!

Good job he didn't notice that.

Few remarks

Peter Dijkema: White 7 was too slow, white 9 too early.
White 177 was winning move.

Re: Few remarks

Peter - thanks very much for looking at the game, and also thanks for your work on EuroGoTV :)